Dr. Romed Meirer

Hair Loss

Full and shiny hair is linked to health and vitality. Once the hair starts thinning, this can be perceived as very stressful.

Kopf eines Mannes mit schütterem Haar.

Causes and Treatment

Hair loss (effluvium) can have various causes and take different forms:

  • hereditary hair loss (alopecia androgenetica)

  • circular hair loss (alopecia areata)

  • diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia)

Depending on the type and cause, different treatment methods can be used to improve it.

In addition to drug therapies, treatments with the body's own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are particularly successful. Another solution, especially for hereditary hair loss, is hair transplantation. Here, hair roots are taken from dense hairy regions and transplanted into bald areas.

Kopf eines Mannes, der seine Finger an die schütteren Haare hält

Offered Treatments


We offer the following hair loss treatments: