Romed Meirer, MD

Scar Correction

Surgical correction of bulging or widened scars

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Scar Correction

Imperceptible Scars

Scar formation is an individual process and is genetically predetermined. Unfavourable positioning of a scar or other external influences can lead to bulging or widened scars. In this case, surgical scar correction can be helpful.

There are several techniques that can be used alone or in combination, e.g. multiple excision, skin grafting, localised dermaplasty or skin stretching.

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Procedure Duration
at least 30 minutes depending on scar size
local anaesthetic or twilight sleep/general anaesthesia for large scars
Hospital Stay
suture removal after 7 - 14 days
Work Incapacity
Sports Abstinence
no sports or strenous physical activity until suture removal
  • Discontinuation of anticoagulant medication such as Aspirin, Thomapyrin or Thrombo Ass at least 1 week before the planned operation until 1 week afterwards

  • You should also limit any nicotine and alcohol consumption

Bauch einer Frau mit einer Narbe, welche die Frau mit den Zeigefingern anzeigt
  • outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic, in the case of large fused scars under twilight sleep or general anaesthetic if necessary

  • excision of the scar tissue and precise layer-by-layer suturing of the wound edges

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  • suture removal after 7 - 14 days

  • avoid sport, physically demanding activities, sauna, solarium for the first 3 - 6 weeks, depending on the size of the scar

  • after care starting 2 weeks after the operation for at least 3 - 6 months

  • in some cases a silicone plaster is applied to prevent the formation of a new bulge

  • Rarely: postoperative haemorrhage, bruising, infections, unsightly scarring

  • A possible sensitivity to touch usually subsides after the first few weeks