Romed Meirer, MD

Skin Tumor and Mole Removal

Removal of moles and skin tumours for aesthetic, medical or functional reasons

Hinterkopf und Rücken einer Frau mit etlichen Muttermalen

Mole Removal

Healthy Skin

Moles can be aesthetically and/or functionally disturbing (rubbing against clothing). If they change in size, appearance or colour, it is necessary to have them removed immediately and histologically examined.

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Procedure Duration
30 minutes minimum
local anaesthetic
Hospital Stay
suture removal after 7 - 14 days
Work Incapacity
Sports Abstinence
1 – 2 weeks
  • Discontinue anticoagulant medication such as Aspirin, Thomapyrin, or Thrombo Ass at least 1 week before the planned operation until 1 week afterwards

  • You should also limit nicotine and alcohol consumption

Rücken einer jungen Frau mit etlichen Muttermalen
  • Outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic

  • Excision of the mole followed by precise sutures

Haut mit einem Muttermal mit Auswuchs
  • suture removal after 7 - 14 days depending on the localisation

  • use of shower plasters

  • sports and physically strenuous activities, as well as sauna and solarium should be avoided for the first 1 - 2 weeks

  • Rare: postoperative haemorrhage, bruising, infections, unsightly scarring

  • Sensitivity to touch usually subsides after the first few weeks