Romed Meirer, MD

Easy TCA Peeling

Chemical peeling to remove the superficial layers of the skin

Junge Frau, die sich mit der Hand sanft die Wange streichelt

Peeling with Easty TCA

For a Refined and Improved Complexion

A chemical peeling with diluted trichloroacetic acid is a very good option for treating wrinkles thanks to its new, gentle form of application. The gentle removal of the most superficial layers of the skin not only minimises wrinkles, but also refines and improves the general appearance of the skin. UV-induced hyperpigmentation (sun spots), age spots and light acne scars can be significantly reduced.

from € 840.-
Procedure Duration
4 sessions, each 1 week apart
not necessary
Work Incapacity
Sports Abstinence
not necessary
Socially Acceptable


The treatment is carried out in 4 sessions, each 1 week apart. A local anaesthetic is not necessary. During the treatment period, the skin is treated with special, complementary skin creams and should also be consistently protected from UV light with sun cream. Make-up can be applied the following day, so there are no social restrictions.

Gesicht einer liegenden Frau, die sich gerade einer Gesichtsbehandlung unterzieht