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Mastopexy - Breast Lift

Lifting and Reshaping of Breasts

Nackter Oberkörper einer Frau, die mit ihren Händen ihre Brüste verdeckt

Breast Lift

Tighter, firmer, and more beautiful breasts

Many women suffer from sagging or asymmetrical breasts. A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, raises the breasts while also reshaping them. A breast lift is ideal for patients whose breasts sag or have lost shape and volume because of weight fluctuations, pregnancies or genetic predisposition.

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Procedure Duration
approx. 2 – 3 hours
general anaesthesia
Hospital Stay
1 overnight stay in hospital
6 weeks
Work Incapacity
at least 1 week, depending on the patient's occupation
Sports Abstinence
6 weeks


Prerequisites for a mastopexy are:

  • completed growth of body and breasts

  • no further weight reduction planned

  • if possible, no (further) children planned

  • the general state of health allows an operation

Oberkörper einer Frau mit strichlierten Linien an der Brust
  • preliminary medical examination by the general practitioner/internist

  • detailed consultation

  • discontinuation of anticoagulant medication, e.g., Aspirin, Thomapyrin or ThromboAss, at least one week before and one week after the operation

  • limitation of alcohol and nicotine

Frau mit nacktem Oberkörper, die ihre Brust mit der Hand verdeckt.
  • The procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthesia in the Hochrum Privater Clinic. We recommend staying overnight as an inpatient.

  • Operation time is around 2 – 3 hours.

  • At the end of the operation, the patient receives a sports bra.

  • If drainage tubes are used, they are removed the day after the operation.

Schönheitschirurgin zeichnet strichlierte Linien über Brust von Patientin

To ensure a fast recovery, we recommend:

  • abstaining from sports, sauna, solarium visits and lifting heavy loads for 6 weeks after the procedure

  • wearing a special bra/sports bra

After 7 days, the stiches around the nipple are removed, all other stiches are dissolvable.

  • Known side effects include slight sensory disturbances in the nipples after the operation, which usually disappear after a year.

  • In very rare cases, widened scar formation may occur.

  • Classic (short-term) consequences of surgery such as swelling and bruising are relatively common.

  • Which techniques are used to perform breast lifts?

    Various surgical methods that can be used to achieve a breast lift:

    - L-Incision: Here, an incision is made around the areola, which ends in a vertical incision that turns left or right (depending on the breast) at the height of the breast fold. The disadvantage of the variant is the rather large scar.
    - Periareolar Technique (also Donut Technique): In this case the incision is made around the nipple. The advantage of this method is that the scars are very well concealed afterwards. The disadvantage is that this method is only suitable for small corrections (e.g., with a small implant).
    - I-Technique (also Lejour Technique, Lollipop Technique?): In a breast lift with the I-technique, an incision is made around the border of the areola and vertically below the nipple. The advantage of this surgical technique is that there is only one scar around the nipple and in the vertical direction. The disadvantage of this method is that wound healing often takes longer than with other methods. A mastopexy carried out with the I-technique is particularly suitable for women with an elastic, vital skin structure.
    - T-Technique (also Anchor Technique): The T-technique is considered the classic surgical method for a breast lift. One incision goes straight down from the outer edge of the nipple and another one runs along the breast crease. The advantage of this method is that it can also be used to correct wide, sagging breasts. The disadvantage of this surgical variant is that breastfeeding can be impaired.

  • Does health insurance cover the cost of a breast lift?

    In most cases it does not. This is because health insurance companies usually classify a breast lift as a cosmetic procedure. A reimbursement of costs or at least a partial reimbursement of costs is only confirmed in a small number of cases. Eligible patients have demonstrably lost a lot of weight or suffer from repeated skin tears in ​​the inframammary fold due to severe sagging of the skin. However, these cases are quite rare, and plastic surgeons have no influence on the decision.

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